Pho glorious Pho

My favourite Vietnamese dish would have to be Pho noodle soup. My usual problems with soup are that they aren’t filling enough and there isn’t enough substance to them but Pho is different. It has a delicious combination of rice noodles and meat (mostly chicken or beef) in a steamy broth which always leaves me satisfied.


Pho are very popular in Vietnamese markets and as street food but also in upper class restaurants. The readily available ingredients mean that it is especially popular for low income earning citizens.

Pho was also very important during the war time as a cheap and nutritious meal. Although many of the rice planes where bombed and trade routes destroyed, rice was still readily available during the Vietnam War, meaning that Pho remained popular.

The most famous location to purchase a Pho in Vietnam would have to be Pho 2000 where President Bill Clinton tried his first bowl in his visit to Vietnam in 2000. It is said that enjoyed the dish so much that he ordered himself a second! Pho 2000 is still open today and is a popular destination for tourists.



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